New Buyer FAQ

The Dallas Market Center proudly collaborates with some of the best buyers from around the world. We are here to answer any questions you may have from buyer registration to day-of market events. Please read some of our most asked questions with answers below. If you have any additional questions, please email:

What are the Dallas Market Center hours of operation?

We are open Monday-Friday from 8am – 5pm. During major markets, hours may be subject to change. Details for each market can be found on the individual Market Event page of our website.

Am I able to visit the Market Center if I do not own a retail business?

The Dallas Market Center is not open to the public. If you do not own a retail business, you are welcome to shop on the seventh floor as a showroom guest, however you will have to call the showroom you are interested in visiting to setup an appointment and gain access.

How do I update my buyer information?

Please email us the detailed changes that need to be made at:

I am a new business. How do I attend a Market?

Please fill out the new business application and we will get back to your shortly.

How do I add a buyer to my account?

  • Email or bring the appropriate documents to registration desk and we’d be happy to assist.
  • Full-time Employees will need to bring a paystub to show time clocked for at least 32+ hours a week for the company or a corporate credit card with their name on it.
  • Registered/Independent Designer – paystub or corporate credit card with their name, plus a current state certificate (must have passed NCIDQ exam) or membership to a professional state or nationally recognized accreditation.
  • Family Members – Spouse and children 18 years old & up can be added to the owner’s account.
  • Part-time employees, Reps, Contractors, and Interns do not qualify.

How do I remove a buyer from my account?

In order to remove a buyer, the owner will need to email the details to registration directly at The company owner may also do this at the registration desk.


I bought a company that is already registered, how do I register?

You will need to provide a Bill of Sale in order to add yourself to the account and delete the previous owners. Email this document to or bring it with you to the registration desk.

How many guests can I bring?

You may bring one guest per buyer. There is no additional charge if the guest visits during non-market weeks. Registered or independent designers may have up to four clients at no extra charge. There is a $50 guest fee for each guest you bring to a First Monday & Tuesday Mini Market and Total Home & Gift Market. Starting January 2023, the $50 fee will apply to Apparel & Accessories Markets as well. A registered buyer must accompany all guests at all times.

How do I get my FastPass?

Visit our website: Scroll down to the pink banner that says FastPass “Quicker, Easier Entry to Market”. Select the market you would like to attend. When you reach the Market’s information page, click on REGISTER and it will prompt you to look-up your email. This email would be the same email that you registered your company under when signing up. Lastly, click the name of the buyer you want the FastPass for and hit continue.

Can I pre-register a guest or client?

Unfortunately, buyers are unable to pre-register a guest or client at this time. A courtesy badge will be created for your guest when you check in at the registration counter. Make sure your guest brings a valid ID. Guest fees may apply.

I stage homes for a living. How do I qualify to visit the Dallas Market Center?

Please refer to our appropriate documents list for more information. You will need a professional membership to RESA or another interior designer association. Real estate agents do not qualify.

I am an Event Planner, how do I qualify to come in?

Please refer to our appropriate documents list for more information.

My business is located in a state that does not require a Sales & Use Tax Permit. Can I still qualify?

There are only five states that do not require a sales tax permit: Alaska, Montana, Delaware, New Hampshire and Oregon. If your company is located in one of these states, we will ask for your EIN number to verify.

Can manufacturers/wholesalers qualify?

Most wholesale industries do not qualify at this time. Floral wholesalers are the only exception. You will need to buy a Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer’s pass for $100 per person. This pass is good for the rest of Market.

How do I know if my company will qualify?

As long as the company can prove products bought at wholesale are sold at retail value to customers, then the company may qualify. 

Can I bring my child?

You may bring your child, although it is not recommended. You will need to fill out a waiver for any child under the age of 12. Strollers are prohibited.

I am an exhibitor at market. How can I add someone to my registration?

You will need to call Guest Desk (x6131) or email to have your guest added.

Can I bring a cart or luggage to store the product I buy?

Yes. The maximum size is a 22’ by 14’ carry on. Luggage check is available only during markets in Suite 130 of World Trade Center.  During January and June Total Home & Gift Markets, it is also available at Trade Mart Suite 1246 and Market Hall. 

Why are certain size carts prohibited?

Carts create a dangerous safety hazard on-site. We also cannot guarantee that carts filled with merchandise will not be stolen or damaged.

How do I carry the larger merchandise?

When the product is large, we have Red Cap Handlers who transport merchandise in and out of the buildings. They are stationed at the freight dock, located at the back of World Trade Center. You can negotiate a price for their services.

What is the deadline to register for Market?

You can register online or in-person all the way up to the day of Market!

How can I find information about the exhibitors that will be at Market?

  • Permanent Exhibitors – Click on the tab labeled EXHIBITORS, in the drop-down menu under Find Products, and click Exhibitors & Lines. Here you can search a showroom, brand or line name or by category. (Ex. Search category Accessories & Jewelry and every exhibitor that has that product in their showroom will pull up. Click any Exhibitor and their information page will pull up, along with a way to contact the exhibitor directly.)
  • Temporary Exhibitors – A list of Temps is on the same information directory above.

I am trying to fill out the application, but I keep getting an error. What am I doing wrong?

Each buyer needs an individual email address. If files are too large, email them directly to registration to or bring them to Dallas Market Center and finish registering in person. The browser may also have timed-out. Try to exit out and try again.

I am a new business and just applied for my Sales & Use Tax Permit. Can I still qualify?

Yes, as long as you have a confirmation email from the Department of Revenue stating that your application was approved. You will then be eligible to pay the $150 new business fee. However, your Taxpayer ID number must be shown on the email in order purchase from the showrooms.

Do you have self-parking or shuttle service during Markets?

We have more than 11,000 free parking spaces that are available on the Dallas Market Center campus, including handicapped parking. You are welcome to park anywhere around the World Trade Center. There is also ample parking across the street behind Market Hall. Shuttle service is typically available for major markets. Please check the transportation page before each major market for updated information.

Do you have Valet Parking?

Valet parking will be available at select Markets. Please check the transportation page before each major market for updated information.

How do I contact Lost and Found?

Please call protective services: 214-655-6166

What is the typical turnaround time for a new buyer application?

Normally it takes 24 to 48 hours to process. However, we do tend to get an influx before major markets which can delay the approval process. If you have applied 2 weeks prior to a January or June Gift Market and have not heard back, please bring your appropriate documents with you to market and we can process your application at the new buyer’s desk.

How long does it take to get the $150 new business fee refund?

It could take up to 4-6 weeks to process your refund after you have submitted your necessary qualifying documents.

Where can I rent a scooter or wheelchair?

Scooter and wheelchair rentals are located in the World Trade Center, 120. A 24 hour notice is required and there is a fee. Read more here: Scooters & More

What is the closest hotel to the Dallas Market Center?

The closest and the Official Hotel for Dallas Market Center is the Hilton Anatole. It is located right across the Highway and it is a quick, 5-minute walk. You can make your Anatole reservations and see other hotel options here: Hotels